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Crime and Safety

Road Safety

In South Africa we drive on the left side of the Road. Always try to remember the slogan: KEEP LEFT, OVERTAKE RIGHT. The speed limit on South African freeways is usually 120 km/h. On main roads it is usually 100km/h and in cities 60km/h. Going over the speed limit is against the law and you may be fined for speeding. There are visible speed limit signs throughout the country.

Tips for driving in South Africa

  1. Keep to the speed limit
  2. Keep Left
  3. Give way to oncoming traffic when making a right turn
  4. Watch out for pedestrians, stray animals and potholes
  5. Do not drive at night if possible
  6. Mini buses (Taxis) are sometimes not in very good condition. At times they pull off the road suddenly, without warning or indication, to pick up passengers- so watch out for them.

Here are a few tips to be safe on a motorcycle
(Wherever you are in the world)

  • Assume Drivers Can't See You: Ride assuming that you and your motorcycle are totally invisible to other motorists. You must never assume that other drivers can see you. Always have an "out" for dangerous traffic situations. Motorcycle Safety depends on you. If you can’t see a car’s mirror, it cant see you!
  • Maintain Safe Spacing: Leave plenty of space in front and back and to the sides from all other vehicles. Be an island. Stay away from traffic as much as possible. This gives you more visibility and more time to react to situations.
  • Anticipate Trouble: Anticipate trouble situations and know what to do when you see them. Analyze what vehicles are doing and try to predict the outcome. Then make sure you're ready to avoid a bad traffic situation.
  • Beware of Oncoming Right Turners: Beware of oncoming motorists turning right in front of you at intersections. This is the leading cause of death of motorcycle riders. If you only remember one tip here, let it be this one. Slow down before you enter an intersection. Have an escape route planned. Stay visible. Don't travel too close to cars in front of you. Position your bike so it can be seen by the right turner. Eye contact is not enough. If any vehicle pulls off the road, it may be possible that it will make a U-turn. Be Aware, be ready to brake.
  • Ride Your Own Ride: Don't try to keep up with your friends who may be more experienced. Know your personal limits. Ride your own ride.
  • Watch Out for Curves: Beware of taking curves that you can't see around. A parked truck or a patch of sand may be awaiting you.


Personal Safety in South Africa

Although South Africa is generally a safe country, like all other countries where tourists visit, there is crime, but with a bit of common sense and by following these basic rules, your stay in South Africa should be relaxing and trouble free.
When you are in the streets you may be approached by beggars, often young children sent out by their parents, or people selling goods. If this attention is unwanted, a firmly spoken 'No' and carrying on walking will usually suffice. It is never advisable to go into unlit or deserted streets, during the day or at night. Avoid unnecessary displays of expensive jewelry, cameras and other valuable items, and do not carry around large amounts of money. Keep your handbag close to your body and do not keep all of your money or keys inside it, instead keep some items in your pocket. If you get into an unwanted situation shout “fire!”



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