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South African Medical Care

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South Africa has both Government and Private hospitals throughout South Africa that are World Class. Chris Barnard, a South African Doctor performed the world’s first Open Heart Transplant in Cape Town’s Grootte Schuur Hospital in 1967. We recommend that you use the Private hospitals as the government hospitals are usually short staffed and busy. Most of the South African Population, living in the rural areas are treated by small clinics. As Sama Tours insurance only covers the motorcycles and third parties, it is essential that you take out medical travel insurance to cover the cost of your own medical care and doctors/ hospitals in South Africa

Emergency Services

South Africa has good emergency rescue services including Netcare 911 who has a fleet of helicopters and ambulances for medical evacuation- these services are not free- so ensure that you have sufficient medical aid coverage to cover your costs incase of an emergency

Medical Insurance

When taking out medical insurance for your trip please note that often the credit Card insurance that you get when booking your flight is not sufficient. You must purchase medical insurance on top of your credit card insurance. Make sure that your travel insurance covers motorcycle riding and that you have evacuation and medical rescue cover. Ensure that your insurer gives you a policy number and a phone number that we can call in case of an emergency

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