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What we offer:

Guided Motorcycle Tours

Guided motorcycle tours are a great way to see South Africa. The group size ranges from 3-10 motorcycles and we have a tour guide on his own motorcycle who leads the group and interprets South Africa for them.

Guided Motorcycle Tours
5-10 Motorcycles per tour

All guided tours are accompanied by a Back-up vehicle that follows the motorcycles at all times. The Back-up vehicle carries bike spares, first aid kits, snacks, cool drinks, mineral water and luggage. Therefore you ride your motorcycle without needing to carry all your luggage for the trip in panniers.

Back-up vehicle
Back up vehicle carries all luggage

On a guided tour we will often stop at the top of a scenic mountain pass and enjoy ice-cold drinks or water and delicious snacks from the back-up vehicle.

We have a variety of guided tours departing every month of the year as we have a no-cancellation policy, whether there is 1 motorcycle or 10, the tour goes ahead as planned! See Tour Calendar

All guided tours include the motorcycle rental and all accommodation (3-4 star) as well as all breakfasts and most lunches. We usually eat dinner together as a group at one of the fabulous restaurants in the town that we are visiting.

We also schedule some exciting activities that are included in the tour price. For example some tours include a day safari into the Kruger National park or a Sunset hippo and croc cruise on Lake st. Lucia. There are also many optional activities that you can choose to do- for example a favorite optional activity is micro-lighting in Mpumalanga.

Microlighting in Mpumalanga
Optional activity: Microlighting

If you like camaraderie and enjoy motorcycling in a group then our guided tours are for you.

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Self Guided Motorcycle Tours

Self Guided motorcycle tours are for the more independent traveler: if you like to travel solo, but still like having your trip planned by a team that knows South Africa, then self guided tours are for you.

All guided tours can be booked as self guided tours if you are unable to make the advertised dates.

On a Self guided tour we supply you with a motorcycle for the duration of the trip, as well as panniers for your luggage. We book all your accommodation and give you accommodation vouchers. We plan out the route for you and give you route maps. You are also supplied with a guide book that gives you detailed information on the places you are visiting and information on attractions along the way. We also offer 24 hour back up support on self guided tours- meaning that we are always just a phone call away.

After that, its just you, your bike and the open road...


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Motorcycle Rentals

Our motorcycle rentals are for the independent motorcyclist. We supply you with a motorcycle and the rest is up to you! All motorcycle rentals include unlimited mileage.

We rent out 3 models of BMW dual purpose motorcycles including: The BMWF650GS, BMWR1150GS, and BMW R1200GS.

3 BMW GS models are available for rental

To ensure that you are fully prepared for your trip- we also rent out side panniers, tank bags and GPS units. Maps of South Africa are available at a small fee from the Sama office.

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Custom tours

If you are a club, small group or even just a solo rider who wants a personalized itinerary to suit your budget or interests, then a Custom motorcycle tour is for you.

With a custom tour, you tell us your dates, your budget, your wish list of what you want to see and where you want to go, and we work out a personalized itinerary specifically for you!

You can also hire a tour guide and back-up vehicle for your custom tour.

If you would like a custom designed motorcycle tour you can contact us and we will work together to come up with the perfect tour for you


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