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South African Wildlife

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South Africa is most famous for the BIG 5- including the Lion, Elephant, Rhino, Buffalo and Leopard.

Big 5
The Big 5- Rhino, Elephant, Lion, Leopard and Buffalo

However, wildlife is not only about the BIG 5, we also have a lot of interesting antelope including the Kudu, Impala and Waterbuck. We also have Zebra's, Wildebeests and Girraffes. GiraffeS, are really amazing to see up close, they have really long tongues which they use to eat the leaves off the top of tall African Accacia trees.

Giraffe                                                          Kudu

Of course the little animals are always scouraging around. Warthogs and meerkats are often seen in the bush. Monkeys are plentiful and great fun to watch as they jump around the trees and play- but guard your food, monkeys have been known ruin really good breakfast buffets by snatching food right out of the buffet or your plate.

Vervet monkeyWarthog
    Vervet Monkey                                            Warthog                  

We also have an array of fascinating bird species. Lilac breasted rollers are by far one of our prettiest species- with their array of bright colours. The grey loeries look really cool with their mohawks and the yellow billed hornbills have long yellow beaks.

South African Birds
South African Birds: (Left to right) Lilac breasted Roller, Starling, Crested barbet, Yellow billed hornbill and Gray Loerie. Click for a larger version

Whether you are a bird watcher, an entomologist or are just fascinated by the Big cats- South Africa is a perfect Safari destination. All motorcycle tours include ample opportunity to enjoy a day or half day safari into the one of our National Parks. You can also extend your tour with a 3-4 day safari into the Kruger National park or one of our private game reserves


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