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Have you ever dreamed of riding down under? Marvelling at the Sydney Opera House or seeing Kangaroos in the wild? Australia has some amazing motorcycle destinations and with our competitive rental rates, riding across Australia and never been easier!

Contact us for the best motorcycle rental options Australia has to offer.


Suzuki DR650
Perfect for the Outback
1-3 Days: AU$150 per day
4-6 Days: AU$125 per day
7-13 Days: AU$ 120 per day
14-21 Days: AU$100 per day
22 - 39 Days:AU$90 per day
40 -60 Days: AU$80 per day
61 Days or more: AU$65 per day


G650 Sertao
The New Dakar
1-3 Days: AU$200 per day
4-6 Days: AU$150 per day
7-13 Days: AU$ 130 per day
14-21 Days: AU$125 per day
22 - 39 Days:AU$99 per day
40 -60 Days: AU$95 per day
61 Days or more: AU$85 per day

F650GS OR F700 GS
Twin Cylinder
1-3 Days: AU$220 per day
4-6 Days: AU$170 per day
7-13 Days: AU$ 135 per day
14-21 Days: AU$130 per day
22 - 39 Days:AU$115 per day
40 -60 Days: AU$100 per day
61 Days or more: AU$90 per day
Long Distance performance
1-3 Days: AU$220 per day
4-6 Days: AU$190 per day
7-13 Days: AU$ 145 per day
14-21 Days: AU$135 per day
22 - 39 Days:AU$120 per day
40 -60 Days: AU$110 per day
61 Days or more: AU$100 per day

Good for 2up riding
1-3 Days: AU$240 per day
4-6 Days: AU$195 per day
7-13 Days: AU$ 145 per day
14-21 Days: AU$140 per day
22 - 39 Days:AU$125 per day
40 -60 Days: AU$115 per day
61 Days or more: AU$105 per day


    These rates include:Unlimited Mileage, Insurance, Panniers/Luggage, Bike Lock, Detailed map book with best riding routes, Puncture repair kit and tools, 24 Hour Breakdown assist (BMW bikes), Assistance with route planning.

    These rates do not include: a security deposit/bond of AU$2,000

Our rental office is based in Melbourne, Vic, but one way drop off's or collections are available:

One way drop off fees:
Sydney: AU$200
Brisbane: AU$350
Adelaide: AU$350
Perth: AU$450
Darwin: AU$990

Outback ready bikes with Outback Kits are available for rental.

Outback kits consist of:

  • Two Person Tent
  • Bed Roll/s
  • Duffel Bag/ Stuff sack for clothing
  • Small camping stove
  • All cooking equipment needed
  • Extra fuel/water containers

Price: 1-39 Days AU$100 in total

GPS's and Satellite phones are also available for rental- pricing available on request

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