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Darryl Berman
Anne Berman
Nicole Berman
Jonathan Berman

Darryl Berman

Darryl Berman is a successful Pretoria businessman, who has traveled extensively throughout South Africa since age 16. His love for motorcycling, adventure, South Africa and its people, and sharing this passion with motorcyclists from around the world has resulted in the establishment of SAMA tours. Darryl is a qualified tour operator

Darryl BermanDarryl Berman
Darryl Berman- Director, Tour Operator and Tour Guide


Anne Berman

Anne Berman is Darryl’s wife and a successful business woman in her own right. Married to Darryl for 24 years, her philosophy is that when you are messing with people’s vacation time, you get it right and make sure they have the two wheel time of their life!!!!!!!!! Motorcycling is also in her blood, her great grandfather, who had 9 children, used to take his family everywhere on his motorbike and side-car. While Anne does not ride herself, she is a keen pillion and loves nothing better than seeing the world from the back of a motorcycle.

Anne BermanAnne Berman
Anne Berman- Director and Tour Operator

Nicole Berman

Nicole is the youngest member of SAMA Tours. Her passion is adventure. After finishing school, she did a gap year at Beyond Adventure in the Eastern Cape, qualifying as a FGASA (nature) field guide. After studying Tourism and Tour operations at Varsity College, Nicole is presently her degree in Adventure tourism at the Tshwane University of Technology. Nicole is the marketing manager and webmaster of SAMA Tours and a keen motorcyclist since her first peewee 80, Nicole graduated to her DT125, which she still owns, and is always up for an adventure on her BMW F650GS.

Nicole BermanNicole Berman
Nicole Berman- Tour operator, Marketing Manager and Webmaster

Jonathan Berman

Jonathan has two passions in life, Motorcycling and Technology. A keen rider, since age 8, he is now the proud owner of an R1200GS. After finishing school, he joined the Drum Beat Academy, and is now, both a qualified tour operator and tour guide. Jonathan is also the SAMA Tours IT specialist.

Jonathan BermanJonathan Berman
Jonathan Berman- Tour operator, Tour Guide and IT Specialist


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