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Sama Tours News - November 2016

Greetings from Sama Tours in Sunny South Africa

Our touring season is winding down after 7 months of back to back tours- it has been an absolute blast. This year we launched our very first Cape To Kilimanjaro Tour- and it was a great success. In fact, our 32 Day Cape to Kilimanjaro tour for 2017 is almost fully booked.

In December, we don't have any guided tours happening- it is our time to relax and unwind and service bikes- getting them ready for the 2017 touring season. That said- we still offer motorcycle rentals and Self-Guided tours in December and are offering great discounts.


In the News this Month:

Sama Specials
- Whopping 15% discount on the Garden Route Tour in January 2017.

- FREE 3 EXTRA Nights in Cape Town in April, August, October and November 2017

- 10% Discount of Motorcycle rental in December.

New member of the Sama team
- Camilla - new Marketing Manager.

Read about "A day in the Life of a Motorcycle Tour guide"
- We speak to Darryl and Julian about riding Southern Africa.


- The Sama Team

Last minute Special - The Amazing Garden Route Tour!

What are you doing in January 2017??


We have had some last minute cancellations on our 12 Day Garden Route Tour happening from the 13-25 January 2017 and so places have now become available which we would like to fill up- therefore we are offering an amazing last-minute special of 15% Discount off our advertised prices.
* Does not apply to already booked tours.

The Garden Route Tour is the trip of a lifetime- not to be missed! Ride the amazing twisties of Lesotho, Drakensberg and the world famous Garden Route Region.

Price Riding 1 up on A F700GS: (WAS- AU$5970) - NOW: AU$5075!
Pillion/Passenger Price: (WAS -AU$1940) - NOW: AU$1650!

This includes: Motorcycle Rental, Petrol, all accommodation, most meals, Safaris and activities as well as a tour guide on a motorcycle
This does not include: Flights, drinks, activities and meals not specified.





Only in Africa...
Certain amuzing sights you can only spot riding the African roads.

Fancy to buy some dentures?

At many African markets you can try out different dentures and just buy the best fitting one. Practical!

African Mouse?

Ouside a Children Day Care Center.... Maybe the parents should take their little ones somewhere else for the best education... :)


Banana Bike!

In Africa we have the most creative bikers in the world!

Do you have any African pictures or stories from Southern Africa that you want to share? Please send them to us and we'll publish them here in our newsletter or/and on Facebook.






See a video one of our clients from Phantom 2 Media made after doing the "Best South African Road Trip Ever"

December Specials
- 3 EXTRA NIGHTS in Cape Town!

We have some exciting specials lined up this month. Book any one of the 3 tours below by the 15 December 2016and get a free 3 Day Cape Town add on tour package.


This package includes:
3 Nights Accommodation at the City Lodge Hotel located at the V&A Waterfront
2 Day Ticket for the Cape Town hop on hop off bus.
1 Way flight from Cape Town to Johannesburg (all 3 of these tours start in Pretoria and end in Cape Town)

This special applies to:

Date: 04-26 April 2017

We normally only do one Victoria Falls tour a year- but our first Victoria Falls Tour is almost fully booked and so we have added an extra tour date for 2017- from the 04-26 April 2017
For next year we have improved the Victoria Falls tour to make it an even better experience. In 2017 the Victoria Falls tour not only includes riding through Botswana and Namibia, it now also includes 3 days riding in the magnificent Garden Route- with its beautiful mountains, valleys, and ocean views! This area is not to be missed.
See the new itinerary online here.

Dates: 15 Sep- 02 Oct 2017 and
27 October – 13 November 2017

The name says it all- this is the BEST ROADTRIP YOU will ever take. Our 17 Day Tours in the beginning of 2017 are already fully booked- however we still have place on our October 2017 and November 2017 departures.
On this tour you will see amazing wildlife, sleep in Luxurious accommodation, eat world class cuisine ride fantastic mountain passes and breath-taking ocean roads and totally immerse yourself in South African culture. If you would like to find out more about the tour itself- watch this video on Facebook
Remember the first 5 bikes that book onto either the October or November departure will get the free 3 night stay in cape Town- so don't delay!

Date: 02 August – 05 September 2017

This is Sama Tours most epic ADVENTURE. Travel 6 Countries including Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia, Botswana and South Africa. We start in rural Africa with an amazing safari at Ngoro Crater. As we head down South the riding just get better and better and we visit more Iconic locations including Lake Malawi, Victoria Falls, the Makgadigadi Salt Pans. We ride the Kingdom of Lesotho and explore the famous garden Route. Ending the tour in Cape Town is a definite highlight- riding 200km of the best coastal road in Africa all the way down to the Southern Most point of Africa. With this months special you can enjoy an extra 3 Days in Cape Town to relax after the tour- absolutely free. There are only 6 places left- book now to avoid disappointment.

Please note that these special do not apply to bookings that have already been made.


Motorcycle Rental Discount in December

In December, we are offering a 10% discount off all our advertised online rates. With motorcycle rental, you have the complete freedom to explore South Africa at your own pace, stopping where and when you like. Our motorcycles are all the latest model BMW GS's and no older than 2 years. The are serviced regularly and maintained daily to keep them in immaculate condition. Getting a bike from Sama is like riding it off the dealership floor

Motorcycle rental rates include: Unlimited Mileage, comprehensive motorcycle insurance ,a free top box, free border papers and 24 hour telephonic support.

Accessories available: we have a whole selection of motorcycle accessories also available for rentals in December with the 10% discount: Side Panniers, Tank Bags, GARMIN GPS's, and motorcycle gear (Jackets, gloves and helmets)


Welcome Camilla - Our newest Sama member

Welcome to our new Swedish employee- Camilla Brill Klinteberg. Camilla is the our new marketing manager and graphic designer extraordinaire- so you will notice our newsletters and brochures have a little extra Pizaz since she started working for us in May 2016.

Born and bred in Sweden this feisty lady has travelled the world and also living in Spain, China and now South Africa for the last
3 years. Her and her hubby Stefan love to travel. They have explored The African Continent from the Indian Ocean to the Atlantic and everything in between so she is a wealth of information on
African Culture, Safaris, wildlife and African politics. Before working for Sama Tours- she had never been on a motorcycle! WE decided that we needed to change that and so we spent the day teaching her to ride on a little Yamaha DT125 and she took to it like a duck takes to water. Hopefully she will soon be tearing up the tarmac on a BMW 700GS!

Camilla has been working many years within Tourism and Marketing Communication and speaks 3 plus languages. Her enthusiasm for life and bubbly laugh is contagious and so we are very happy to have her join the Sama Team!

A day in the life of a Sama Tours Motorcycle tour guide...

We are chatting with two of Sama Tours tour guides, Darryl and Julian about life on the road.


Q: Do you ever come across Wild animals
on the road?

Darryl: Plenty! We see Elephants, Giraffes and little warthogs. We mainly see wildlife on the side of the road in Botswana as there are no fences keeping wildlife in Parks. However there are some exciting roads in South Africa too where we ride through "Wildlife Corridors" such as Addo Elephant park and Pongola Nature Reserve. I had quite a scary run in on our last Garden Route Tour- I was riding along and came head to head with a BULL elephant. He did not look happy that we were on his path. I got the back up driver to drive past in the van, it did the trick and the elephant went off into the bush, allowing us to ride past safely! There was also an elephant that escaped Hluhluwe National park and was causing a traffic jam on the main highway outside St. Lucia. As we like to say "T.I.A-" This is Africa!!


Q: What is it like spending 200 or more days
a year on a motorcycle?

Darryl: LIFE is as good as it gets- it is awesome. I'm doing what I enjoy doing the most- Riding!!

Julian: Riding motorcycles is heaven! It is really fun meeting people from around the world- we have a ball, there is no other way to explain It.

Oh Yes… on the first day of the tours we go to Kwalata (a Reserve 20km from Pretoria) and we often see Rhinos there as well as other exciting wildlife. Once in Swaziland we came across 22 Giraffes. As Darryl says the Wildlife corridors are a lot of fun and we often have interesting sightings.



Q: How do you keep track of 10 plus
bikes on a tour?

Darryl: We use the Buddy system religiously. With this system – you ride straight forever, knowing that someone will be waiting for you at the next turn. When I get to a turn- I select the rider behind me to wait for all the other riders and show them to turn. Once the last rider has come past (Wearing a bright yellow sweeper jacket) he can carry on and so it continues with everyone getting a chance to wait at the turns. We have never lost anyone!!!… well ….we always find them again :)

  Julian: About 10 Motorcycle on a tour is a good size group as everyone tends to socialize and make friends for Life! It is important to count them and re-count them. I stand up on the bike and count everyone behind me. (He looks a bit like a meerkat!) We have a marker at every corner and we re-group about 2km outside town so that we can all ride through the towns together.


Q: Where is the Best riding in Africa?

Darryl: I may be biased but I think South Africa itself has the best riding- there are so many twisties, and long sweeping corners. My favourite place to ride is Bikers paradise Mpumalanga. The roads in the Cape: False bay and Chapmans peak are also amongst my favourites

  Julian: My favourite is also Bikers Paradise in Mpumalanga. On the road from Graskop to Hazyview- there is 15 km of high speed twisties and long sweeping bends that are a biker's dream!


Q: What destination is on your bucket list?

Darryl: My next motorcycle trip will be to New Zealand- I believe the riding is awesome, and we have met some great new Zealanders on our tours

  Julian: Will have to be New Zealand and Australia- I have family living there and have heard great things about the riding in New Zealand    

Q: Tell us a bit about the Soccer Ball program that Sama Tours has.

Darryl: Once we ride a bit further up into Africa- Zambia, Malawi and Tanzania, YOU notice that there is a LOT more poverty then there is down south in South Africa. There is no money for small luxuries like soccer balls- but that doesn't stop the kids from playing soccer. We often come across groups of kids playing with a ball that has been put together using old rags or plastic bags roped together. Back in 2012 we decided to start giving out soccer balls. We take a whole lot of balls with us in the back up vehicle

  and when we stop for a rest and see a bunch of kids- we get out a ball or two to give them. You should see the smiles on these kids' faces. We often end up playing a few rounds with them!

Yep the soccer balls are very popular. I am more of a Rugby player myself, but that doesn't stop me from kicking the ball around with the kids.

Q: What riding gear do you recommend
- any essentials for riding through Africa?

Darryl: Its good to have a Cordura type/breathable jacket with a removable liner- this helps during the heat of the summer months. Riding boots with good ankle protection are essential- this can be the difference between a bruised ego and broken ankle, even if you just drop your bike in the parking lot!!

  Julian: Its is always a good idea to invest money in some high quality riding gear- you don't want to be wearing cheap gear when you get into trouble. Also remember ATGATT- All the gear all the time! Helmet, Jacket, Gloves, riding pants and good boots.

Q: Do you have any Safety tips for riding in South Africa?

Darryl: Listen to your tour guide at the route briefing every morning. We will warn you about any potential hazards to look out for. Remember to always maintain a good following distance, be alert, and most importantly relax and enjoy the ride- it's not a race, so take time to look around and enjoy the experience

  Julian: Learn to stop at stop streets. This may sound simple but on tour when people are following each other they sometimes forget to stop and just follow blindly. Remember to obey all traffic rules- this includes not crossing over solid white lines to overtake. You don't need to see the tour guide at all times, if he overtakes a slow moving vehicle, don't overtake until it is safe to do so. We will always wait for you.    

Q: We meet all kinds of Interesting characters on our tours- do you have anyone who sticks out as being a particularly interesting character.

Darryl: We had a group of Russians showing up with top quality VODKA and even better sardines. They liked to ride fast and enjoyed a good party at night! We have had Czechoslovakians that take off their shirts to tan at every fuel stop and a group of Germans who drank copious amounts of Gin and Tonic as a mosquito deterrent. We have had older guys who ride like they are 25- MAYBE BIKING keeps them young?


No matter the culture or where they are from- Bikers tend to be awesome people and have biking in common- a hobby that transcends all cultures and languages.

Julian: I have really enjoyed meeting some ex-South Africans that now live in England, Australia or New Zealand. They have some interesting stories about what it's like being a South Africa living in a foreign country!



Q: How old where you when you started

Darryl: When I was 15, I was interested in bicycles and skate boarding- upgrading to riding was just the next logical step. I got my first Yamaha XT500 when I was 18 and have never looked back. The best part of riding is that compared to a car or bus- you get to "see" the places you are riding through. You can smell everything (for example the sweet aroma when you are riding through a pineapple plantation.) You see more, feel the wind and hear all the small noises that make a destination unique.


When you stop anywhere in Africa (even the world!) Kids and adults alike come to see the bikes and are so excited- they are a great conversation starter.

When I was 16 my neighbour had a little 125cc dirt bike. That started my love for motorcycles. I Also had a XT500. The kickback on that kick-starter is brutal- I ounce tore my calf muscle trying to start it. Darryl also had to have a hip replacement at age 50, on his right hip – probably because of that kickback! I have been a tourguide for many years- but guiding motorcycle tours is my favourite- any good excuse to ride!


Q: What is your favourite hotel in Southern

Darryl: Ocean view in Coffee Bay- I'm here at the moment and it's good- amazing sea views and you can hear the ocean while you fall asleep. Whenever we have a rest day here, we walk on the beach past the palm trees and just today we saw whales and dolphins. I also brought my wife to Coffee Bay on our honeymoon back in 1982- today we call this area: "The Wild Coast" but back in the day it was a whole other country called the Transkei and did not form part of South Africa

  Julian: Sabi Sands Game reserve. There is nothing quite like a Luxurious rest camp in a private Game Reserve that opens up onto Kruger National Park. The lodges are all luxurious and my room had a bath next to an open window where I saw elephants walking past. On Luxury Safaris all your meals are included and you go on 2 safaris a day in open safari vehicles. You literally see all the wildlife you could ever dream of!


Q: There are many Safari Parks in Southern Africa- which is your favourite and why?

Darryl: South Luangwa National Park in Zambia is my firm favourite. They have a ratio of 4 leopards per square kilometre! Your chance of sighting a leopard on a game drive is very good. This is great as leopards are normally the hardest member of the Big 5 to spot. The camp is also open onto the game reserve so we often get elephants walking through the camp and around our bungalows.

Julian: Hluhluwe Umfolozi in Kwazulu Natal, South Africa is my favourite. This is the oldest park in South Africa! It is located close enough to St. Lucia to do safaris there on your rest day. I love it because of the terrain- rocky mountains, beautiful views and miles and miles of untouched nature. The Game Rangers are really good and we often see the entire BIG 5 on safari.

A note from the road:
It is so interesting riding up North into Africa- Malawi and Tanzania are so far off the beaten track.
Riding through these countries, we got to experience the REAL Africa! Buses loaded with people,
goats and chickens, dusty Spaza shops lining the roads selling ice cold Coca Cola and Maize porridge. Hundreds of people with beautiful smiles riding bicycles and walking huge distances. Exotic Accents, colourful dresses, aromatic markets and smiling children make the experience complete. The Safaris are like something out of the National Geographic. Up north- Nature seems less forgiving, and the animals seem wilder!

That's it for this month's newsletter!

We will see you back here next month- Until then- ride safe and ride often!

Don't forget to book your motorcycle adventure for 2017.
Have a look at our wepage and the tours we have to offer of amazing Southern Africa during 2017.

Please contact us for more information on this exciting tour package.

Kindest Regards,
- The Sama Team




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