Off road tip of the month- by Darryl Berman

How to pick up a Fallen BMW GS

The scenario: Your Motorcycle falls over
You pull your bike off the road for a rest stop and as you put your foot down you realize that you are putting it into a pothole- there is no solid ground to support you and the bike topples over



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Bike falls over
Now how do you pick the motorcycle up?

The solution: Easy ways to pick up a heavy motorcycle

There are two easy ways to pick up a heavy BMW GS

Method One: Pick up your motorcycle alone
Method Two: Pick up your motorcycle with a friend


Method one: Use this method if you are alone

Step 1: Stand with your back to the motorcycle

Step 2: Bend down and put your butt on the seat

Step3: Place one hand on the handlebar grip and your other hand on the side  
             pannier bracket

Sit with your Buttoks on the seat
Sit with you Buttoks on the Seat

Step 4: Walk your Bike up- walk backwards and pull your bike up simultaneously with your arms.

Start slowly: Push with your arms and walk with your legs

Almost up!

Mission Successful

You will find that with this method you are using your leg muscles, putting no strain on your back

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Method Two: Use this method if you have a
                         friend to help you

Step 1: One person must hold the front handle bar and the other person must hold
              the rear bracket at the back of the motorcycle

Starting Position
One person hold the front handle bar while the other grips the back bracket

Step 2: Together pick the bike

Starting to get it right 
You will find that working together is the most effective way to pick up a bike


*Please note that we cannot accept responisbility for your off-road riding skills- we highly recommend attending an off-road course with professional riding instructors before attempting any off- road riding teqniques or motorcycle adjustments.Please see these teqniques as a guideline only and ensure that you know what you are doing when you attempt to adjust your motorcyle.*




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